#100ways to Green African Capital Cities

In celebration of the 100 years our organisation, Green Building Design Group, will be sharing 100 ways society can strive for Greener and Smarter African cities as part of the Madiba 100 year celebrations throughout the month of July.  This awareness campaign will run for 67 days.  We therefore would like to invite you to join our awareness campaign in your capacity as advocacy partners for the Global Goals to end poverty.

Join our growing list #100ways to Green African Capital Cities

“Cities should strive, actively, to be more walkable, enabling increased economic activities between citizens and businesses”

Maloba Tshehla, Innovation Specialist: Climate Innovation Centre

” Studies show 36% of businesses choose to locate business in clean communities. Furthermore, litter and suburban decay reduce property values by 7%. Cleaner cities reduce criminal activity. Cities are a source of material resources. Waste management programs are a source of job creation. So let’s get back to basics and teach our children – the future city inhabitants – the importance of smart waste management and the value of circular economies.”

Jolene Blundell, Head of Sustainability – Sub Saharan African Delegation, Saint-Gobain

“The relationship of people with nature must be at the core of African cities’ planning agenda. Policies for basic access to sustainable habitats must fill the lacuna manifesting between socio-economic and environmental causes.”

Shabari Shaily-Gerber, Sustainability Consultant, Ecocentric Green Building Consultants, Africa

“Start by switching off the light when you leave a room. Behavioural change is the first step to living a greener life. That small en-grained behavioural and awareness change will be the catalyst and ultimately lead us to and enable us to Power Our Africa.”

Shaun Slabber, Co-Founder & Director of Nuvo Energy Africa

#GGC2018 distinguished speakers include, namely:
Cllr Mayor, Solly Msimanga

City of Tshwane (Opening and Welcome Remarks)

Akshar Sewkuran

Bonds – Primary Market, JSE

Chilufya Lombe

Partner, Solid Green Consulting

Dorah Modise

Chief Executive Officer , Green Building Council of South Africa

Mfundo Xulu

Head of Green Building Unit, National Department of Public Works

Lisa Reynolds

Executive Director, Green Building Design Group

Hastings Chikoko

Regional Director for C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

Masechaba Mabilu

Board Member, South African Wind Energy Association

Mitesh Bhawan

Group Sustainability Manager, Growthpoint Properties