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Find out about our latest strategy regarding our response to the energy poverty in Africa.

Green Building Design Group has launched a new product offering, the Pearl Energy Application, which is an integrated business care package aimed largely at buyers and sellers of clean technology solutions with a marketplace to trade their goods and services in a cost effective manner.

These come in the form of an integration of business analysis tools,  micro-loans, online training, digital marketing tools  and an e-commerce marketplace to sell and buy clean energy products in Africa. Download the Pearl Energy Application

"The crises have led the world to the perfect storm. One way we can evolve our way out of this is through the adoption of digital technologies in our places of work and in our homes."
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“A clean, just energy transition not only delivers enhanced climate action, it will help create new jobs, economic growth, clean air and a resilient, prosperous future. Providing financial support and technical partnerships is fundamental to support this transition in developing and emerging economies.” – Alok Sharma ( COP President, 2022)

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Knowledge Exchange Platform

The Green Café is a collaborative knowledge exchange platform where people from diverse industries, professions and backgrounds discuss green initiatives and how to best implement them within the customer environment.

Sustainable Development Goals

The Green Cafés have been designed by Green Building Design Group ™ to play a role to achieving the measurable Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within the customer environment. These are intuitive education platforms aimed at leveraging the end users of Green Building Design Group's digital mobile technologies.


Our Integrated business packages include price sensitive maintenance agreements to ensure that your real estate and manufacturing assets are protected from physical and transitional risks that are often associated with climate change implications.

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What is the Green Cafe

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Invest in Solar power & clean energy

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Green Building Design Group and its global EPC partners deliver off/on integrated balance sheet clean energy solutions at competitive prices. To date we have delivered over 65 MW of commercial and industrial solar plants. 
Our integrated Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) offering allows business owners to benefit from solar energy without the upfront cost of buying a system. PPAs are becoming a popular choice in the Commercial & Industrial space because the operations and maintenance of the system are covered by the solar services provider, and most often includes insurance and performance guarantees, with the biggest advantage being reduced electricity costs from day one.
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What will the impact of a Green Recovery be on the global economy?

The global market has taken a knock; the exact impact is still to be seen. However, one thing is clear, this health crisis is an opportunity to accelerate the just transition towards a more resilient, green economy. Read more on our latest newsletter.

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